canSERV – Providing Cutting Edge Cancer Research Services Across Europe

The canSERV project provides cutting-edge and customised research services to the cancer research community EU wide, enable innovative R&D projects and foster precision medicine for patient’s benefit across Europe.

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Project Period:
2022 – 2025

Open Call for Transnational Service Provision

This canSERV Open Call canSERV Open Call researchers offers a wide portfolio of services offered by canSERV to address the research needs of the entire oncology developmental pipeline.


Via the canSERV project, INFRAFRONTIER offers access to several cutting-edge cancer services as Open Calls. These services are offered by INFRAFRONTIER partners with world-leading expertise in cancer research and mouse models.

canSERV Scope and Objectives

canSERV’s mission is to make cutting-edge and customised research services available to the cancer research community EU wide, enable innovative R&D projects and foster precision medicine for patient’s benefit across Europe. By connecting, coordinating, and aligning existing oncology and complimentary research infrastructures (RIs) and providing services in a synergistic way transnationally, canSERV capitalises on the critical mass of experts and cutting- edge services offered by canSERVs RIs and their extended network. This project brings together world-class European life science RIs (BBMRI, EURO-BIOIMAGING, ELIXIR, EU-IBISBA, EuroPDX, EU-OPENSCREEN, INSTRUCT, EATRIS, INFRAFRONTIER, EMBRC, ECRIN, EATRIS, MIRRI, ARIE, CCE, EORTC and IARC) that collectively cover all aspects along the development pipeline for oncology, are capable of interconnecting these technologies and providing users a guidance for navigating them through the entire translational value chain.

INFRAFRONTIER’s Contribution to canSERV

INFRAFRONTIER is involved in several integral aspects of canSERV. Namely, INFRAFRONTIER:

  • Leads the work package on Disease Models (WP1)
  • Assists in the coordination of transnational access (TNA) activities i.e., coordination of service provision and execution of user projects
  • Supports the long-term sustainability of canSERV project outcomes (WP7)
  • Collaborates with other RIs to create cross-cutting service pipelines that integrates different services (WP7)
  • Aids in understanding the current and future needs of the scientific user community to streamline service delivery (WP7)
  • Contributes to the development of a Common Access Management System (WP8)
  • Contributes to the catalogue of Open Digital Research Services for cancer in a FAIR Framework (WP9)

INFRAFRONTIER offers a host of cutting-edge in vivo services in canSERV like generation of precision cancer models, in-depth cancer phenotyping and more via 9 INFRAFRONTIER partners. In addition to these in vivo services, INFRAFRONTIER has dedicated resources to aid cancer research like the INFRAFRONTIER Cancer Resource intended to help cancer researchers find an EMMA strain suitable for their work. Users can browse through EMMA strains associated to more than 50 different cancer types with additional information like phenotypic description from MGI and EMMA strain submitters. Another important INFRAFRONTIER resource is the list of manually-curated disease models for cancer which have been accurately and systematically annotated, as they carry mutant alleles or transgenes and express phenotypes which precisely model particular cancer types, according to the original reports in the associated peer-reviewed publications. These resources can be found on our Cancer Research page

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