3rd European Advanced School for Mouse Phenogenomics

21 - 24 May 2019
Strasbourg-Liebfrauenberg, France

It´s a unique training event for of all kinds of biomedial scientists working with mouse models: The bi-annual European Advanced School for Mouse Phenogenomics offers a comprehensive overview of up-to-date methods and good practices for the use of mouse models in scientific research that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

In a 4-days program, the thematic school offers courses and discussions which promise to accelerate shared conceptual scientific advances and to transfer innovative methods and techniques in the use of mice in biomedical research. The summer school describes the state-of-the-art in mouse functional genomics on a variety of fields. The teachers sharing their knowledge with the participants are highly acknowledged experts, coming from the whole European research landscape of mouse phenogenomics. Through its INFRARONTIER partnership, the school involves the complete scientific infrastructure from France and the rest of Europe.

The PHENOMIN Summer School is not only inspiring by its scientific content and the quality of the teachers. It is also taking place in an exceptionally pretty surrounding. Château de Liebfrauenberg, situated in beautiful Alsace north-west of Strasbourg, is a very special place: Overlooking the Rhine Valley, the old castle makes a great location for highly concentrated training sessions in a relaxed atmosphere with a taste of `savoir vivre´.

School Topics:

  • mutagenesis
  • mouse colony management
  • mouse clinical phenotyping
  • data management (statistical approaches)

Target Groups:

  • PhDs and Postdocs
  • researchers and clinicians from academia and industr
  • clinicians from academia and industry

Details on Program and Registration:


The European Advanced School for Mouse Phenogenomics is bi-annually organized by PHENOMIN, the French National Infrastructure for Mouse Phenogenomics, in cooperation with INFRAFRONTIER.

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