Mouse embryology: practical training course

10 - 12 March 2020
Strasbourg-Illkirch, France
Course cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic

This training is aimed at providing a theoretical and practical background knowledge destined for researchers and engineers that are willing to acquire primary expertise in mouse development.

The topics will cover dissection of post implant embryos, histology, whole mount Lac Z staining and confocal imaging of whole embryos.


  • Acquire primary expertise in mouse development
  • Be able to design primary phenotyping experiment on mouse embryos
  • Learn about all the primary phenotyping analysis on mouse embryos
  • Be able to dissect post-implanted embryos
  • Be able to determine the window of lethality in utero
  • Be able to evaluate embryos viability at neonatal stage
  • Increase awareness of relevant techniques to image embryos

Target Group:

6 to 8 graduate students (PhD), post-doctoral scientists, researchers, and engineers

Attendees should have the basic knowledge in mouse physiology and should be able to handle mice.

Details on Program and Registration:

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