Sprague Dawley rat Clcn4em2(A549V)Ics


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International strain nameSprague Dawley rat Clcn4em2(A549V)Ics
Alternative nameSprague Dawley rat Clcn4em2(A549V)Ics
Strain typeEndonuclease-mediated
Allele/Transgene symbolClcn4em2(A549V)Ics
Gene/Transgene symbolClcn4

Information from provider

Provider Cure CLCN4
Provider affiliationCure CLCN4
Genetic informationThe A549V mutation (GCT>GTT; corresponding to the human A555V mutation) was introduced in rat Clcn4 gene using a CRISPR/Cas9 approach. The ribonucleoprotein complex composed by a guide TGGTAACAGCAGCTGCCATC and the Cas9 protein was co-electroporated with a single stranded donor DNA (gtgtctctggtagtcatcatgtttgaactgactggaggtctggaatatattgtaccgctcatggcagttgctgttaccagcaagtgggtggctgatgcctttgggaaagaagggatttatgaagc) baring the A549V mutation and 2 additional silent mutations, one of them mutating the PAM sequence and both leading to a new BsrBI diagnostic restriction site. Pups were genotyped with the following primers: gggataaaattatgatctgtaagct and gagtctccacatcctccacagtcat. In the presence of the mutation, this 390 bps PCR fragment will be digested in 2 fragments of 170 and 220 bps by BsrBI
Phenotypic informationHomozygous:
Not done

Smaller animals, especially hemizygous males. Dental malocclusion and locomotor problem found in a male
Breeding historyThe line was kept on a Sprague Dawley genetic background
ReferencesNone available
Homozygous fertilenot known
Homozygous viablenot known
Homozygous matings requiredno
Immunocompromisednot known

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Archiving centreICS, Institut Clinique de la Souris, Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

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