PHENOMIN-CIPHE Centre d'Immunophénomique


  • Mouse and cell line genetic engineering
  • High content standardised immunophenotyping
  • Single cell -omics technologies
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Breeding & cohort delivery (SOPF, EOPS)
  • Rederivation and cryopreservation
  • BSL2 and BSL3 animal facility
  • Preclinical disease models

163 Avenue de Luminy, case 936
13288 Marseille cedex 09


Contact person:
Dr Bernard Malissen


The Centre of Immuno-Phenogenomics is an advanced technological centre dedicated to service deliveries and research collaborations that operates under the administrative authority of INSERM, CNRS and Aix-Marseille University. CIPHE is one of the founding members of PHENOMIN, the French infrastructure for Phenogenomics together with ICS (Strasbourg), TAAM (Orléans) and the cluster Marseille Immunopole (MI).

PHENOMIN-CIPHE provides academic and industrial partners with customised preclinical mouse and cell line model generation, high-content standardised flow, spectral and mass multiparametric immunophenotyping, single cell -omics studies and advanced data analysis of the mouse and human immune systems under normal and pathological conditions (inflammation, infection, cancer).

CIPHE participates in several French and international research programs (ERC, ANR, INCA, ARSEP, In- vestissements d’Avenir Program Labex, Equipex, IMPC, Immgen) that focus on immunology, inflammation, infection and cancer.

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