Axenic Facility at the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC-Harwell, UK

The axenic facility is part of the core animal facility of the Mary Lyon Centre at MRC-Harwell (MLC). The MLC’s mouse facility is split between a dedicated quarantine suite for receiving imported mouse strains and an SPF barrier facility which also houses the germ-free facility. The MLC can house up to 55,000 mice and is familiar with the demands of maintaining several hundred mouse strains at any one time. All mice are bred for dedicated bio-medical research projects established in association with internal and external scientists. Current areas of expertise include mouse model generation, complex phenotyping, cancer, as well as, developmental and behavioural studies. The axenic facility has been established to provide a wide-ranging breeding and experimental capability. Axenic colonies are maintained in rigid wall isolators fitted with the Double Door Rapid Transfer Port (DPTE®) system developed by La Calhene. These DTPE ports ensure a bio-secure, and user-friendly connecting system for introducing and removing equipment and other materials to and from sterile isolators. Like other resources at the MLC, the axenic facility is available to the wider scientific community, in the UK and abroad.

Included in the Service
  • New axenization of strains provided by the user as live animals (minimum of 10 females and 5 males) or quality controlled frozen embryos or sperm (minimum of 40 embryos or 2 straws of sperm).
  • Provision of germ-free animals from the unit production to the user.
Additional Support
  • Extended breeding services under germ-free conditions
  • The axenic platform can host clients that wish to perform on site experiments, e.g., histology, flow-cytometry, microscopy
  • Support researchers with access to organs, tissues and biofluids from germ-free mice, and quick access to mice that are kept under germ-free conditions
  • Logistics support and advice on shipping rederived germ-free mice to their facilities can be provided. Dedicated shippers will be provided for transportation and specialised courier services will be recommended
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